The word HYBRID means
“a combination of different elements”. 

We are a boutique Event, Marketing and Creative Solutions company that provides a holistic solution to all our clients. 


Hybrid is a pioneer in collaboration and connectivity, having produced and managed industry-leading events throughout Hong Kong. Our diverse team of talented individuals offers personal expertise and support tailored to meet every requirement. 


At Hybrid, we create consistent first-class experiences while preserving the unique identities of each brand, and more importantly forge long lasting relationships.

EVENTS Management & Production

When you need to make a statement,
we’re the people to speak to.


We know the INs and OUTs of the event industry.From concept creation all the way throughto execution.


We keep growing and expanding. Why?
Because our clients keep recommending usto their friends!


Is your brand in need of a facelift? We can make it FRESH, YOUTHFUL & ATTRACTIVE.

Is your branding a little old-fashioned and out-dated? We can bring it bang up to date without sacrificing your brand essence.


If you’re launching a new brand, we have the Magic Dust make it Spellbinding.


Struggling to execute a Marketing Strategy that tracks and drives real sales and results?


We can help you truly understand

social media marketing.


Take advantage of our creative resources and spend your online

advertising budget wisely!


705 7/F, Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong \\ Tel: (852) 2659 7268

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