“A combination of different elements”

We Are Hybrid Group

We are a boutique Event, Marketing and Creative Solutions company that provides a holistic solution to all our clients.

Hybrid is a pioneer in collaboration and connectivity, having produced and managed industry-leading events throughout Hong Kong. Our diverse team of talented individuals offers personal expertise and support tailored to meet every requirement.

At Hybrid, we create consistent first-class experiences while preserving the unique identities of each brand, and more importantly forge long lasting relationships.

The Hybrid Group Team

A premier event management, marketing, and communication agency in Hong Kong since 2014, Hybrid Group has pioneered in curating the Fitness, Wellness and Lifestyle space for positive lifestyle, and cultivated a following of over 60,000 fans from organizing some of the Hong Kong's most recognized sports events such as IRIS and Spartan Race.

We specialize in providing holistic marketing and branding solutions, crafting a first-class experience to actualize your vision while staying true to your unique brand identities. Our highly skilled team of experts are currently offering such expertise and services to over 100 brands including Samsung, Mannings and Oatly, and engaged with 300 influencers to further inspire connectivity between our clients and their customers.

We also have a strong belief in contributing in the development of major sports events in Hong Kong; which we think major sports events has real potential to give Hong Kong global exposure and enhance its positioning.

Our Team

Meet the driving force behind Hybrid Group creations.