European market leader in dermo-cosmetics, Eau Thermale Avène’s thermal spring water was discovered in the 18th century at a small village located in South-West of France.


Avène thermal spring water was officially validated in 1874 by the French Academy of Medicine, with more than 150 fundamental, pharmacological and clinical studies conducted on large cohorts and 50 publications featured in international medical journals attest to its efficacy.

What HYBRID Did:

Hybrid was responsible for Eau Thermale Avène’s successful new product line launch. We studied the brand ethos and created a one-of-a-kind campaign that delivered educational and informative messages to their target audience.


With carefully curated production and intelligent planning, we were able to acknowledge the therapeutic properties of Eau Thermale Avène products via an innovative skincare experience, leaving participants feeling refreshed and revitalized.