Fitness and Wellness Program
Creating a fitness or wellness programme can be an easy and direct way for brands to connect with their customers and audience. Whether you are a brand diving into the fitness and wellness industry or building a community by interacting with your customers (CRM), Hybrid specialises in curating unique fitness and wellness programmes tailored to your objectives and needs. Programmes can be a one-off brand event or a reoccurring programme monthly/quarterly/annually.

With an abundant experience from hosting sports, fitness and wellness events, we have built and engaged with our vast database of star-studded and award-winning instructors, gyms and studios all over Hong Kong. Our team is dedicated to find you the perfect candidates and fitness/wellness experiences to offer to your audiences.

We have helped clients like Ocean Park Hong Kong, K11 Art Mall and K11 MUSEA, Lee Gardens Association, Avene and many more brands create over 250 fitness and wellness classes

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Lee Gardens
Ocean Park


Certainly. We are happy to offer and suggest different kinds of classes catering to your needs. Please contact us directly to get to know the information and details on what classes or programs we can offer, so we can also give consultations and advice along with estimated quotations on what part of the service you will need in support of your grand planning.