IP Collaboration (Intellectual property)
Building and acquiring licensing for your own intellectual property lets you establish an attractive, simple storyline and create captivating, memorable characters to complement the central narrative for your brand. This can make the brand identity stand out, leaving a strong impression on the customers. Furthermore, having unique characters can strengthen the bond between the band and the customers by keeping them interested in the continuous narrative associated with your business.

Here at Hybrid, we offer services to search for a suitable intellectual property licensor that can be a good match to your vision, enabling a partnership or collaboration, which licenses your characters, names, relevant logos and designs, to take place. Through this partnership, you can easily manufacture, produce and distribute products, gifts and any other goods or services that are linked to your licensed characters. With the facilitation of the collaboration, you can promote your services or implement marketing strategies to a greater effect.

Relevant Portfolio

Batman Night Run


Yes, we provide relevant design services including photography and videography in support to produce licensed and engaging content, characters for your branding or marketing campaigns. You can contact us directly to enquire about the availability of other additional services which may be suitable for your campaigns or projects.

All trademarks, patents, creative works, inventive goods, designs or any other confidential business information can be considered as intellectual property, so getting licensed can protect not only your original content for your products, but also all of the information your brand possesses.