KOL & Influencer Campaigns​
Social media and the internet have grown to be an essential part of our life, and it is crucial for your business to strategize in this area in order to reach the right audience. Connecting with your target audience in the right way can increase the publicity of your products and instill trust towards your brand in the potential customers. One of the best ways to do so is through influencer marketing.

At Hybrid, our team has built a strong rapport with many KOLs and influencers. With over 300 influencers in our vast network, we enlist their help and leverage their impact to create content that could spread the word of mouth to achieve desirable promotional effect for marketing campaign. On top of that, our team strives to discover more suitable influencers to reach their audience as we offer an influencer seeding strategy, gifting free products to garner good reviews on their social media platforms.

We have helped K11 MUSEA develop public interest for their Van Gohs's Ear and BeautyStage projects through our network of KOLs. Utilizing the help from 30 key influencers, we were able to deliver the key message of the event through the influencers, driving engagement and leading to a high amount of visitors for the event. We have enlisted the help of 15 beauty influencers on the other hand, to successfully generate public interest for BeautyStage by promoting the program on their social media after sharing their beauty tips and knowledge in the live session.

Relevant Portfolio

Mr Porter
National Geographic Apparel


We have a vast KOLs network that mainly covers social media platforms from Facebook, Instagram to Youtube. Apart from the main social media platforms, we will help to reach out and liaise with the relevant and suitable contact based on your enquiry.

Here at Hybrid, we take care of both local and international target audiences for our clients. So we have collaborated with both Cantonese speaking and English speaking key influencers before. Several English speaking local influencers who specialize in the area of Yoga teaching have promoted our IRIS at the Grounds event on Instagram. We strengthened and expanded our network without being confined by language barriers.