Marketing Campaigns
Finding a unique place and voice for your brand helps you stand out in the market, this is why crafting branding strategies that adapt to your requirements and needs specifically is important. We set out to help our clients build and shape their brand personality and identity by providing a full branding service package including corporate, logo and graphic design, brand merchandise design, website or app design, newsletters and other brand building actions. Such exclusive and bespoke brand activation service is devised to highlight their character and strengths, and entice the right target audience.

What’s more, we can polish your brand image by enriching your communications with the masses through media and PR activities. Our team prepares concise and engaging press kits to the media, and uses our well established network with them to create maximum publicity for your brand. Combined with the efforts of both online marketing promotions and offline marketing campaigns, we convey the attention of the media and potential customers to your brand.

We have collaborated with Ocean Park in the past for the “Green Staycation” to curate a month long yoga fitness activities series called “Yoga Vogue” for their rebranding effort, and launched relevant marketing campaign to support it, which led to numerous coverage by media outlets such as HK01, Weekend Weekly, Time Out, producing massive media attention and exposure.

Relevant Portfolio

KFC Delivery Run


We provide multiple design services and photography, videography services to produce relevant content for your branding or marketing campaigns. You can contact us directly to enquire about the availability of other additional services which may be suitable for your campaigns or projects.

We invite celebrities to endorse your products/service and attend your events. Varying on the style of your band, we can provide suggestions to you to create maximum positive exposure for your brand. For example, we invited 50 star fitness trainers and instructors to teach at our Yoga Vogue classes for Ocean Park’s Green Staycation project, and it received encouraging feedback and reception from participants and media.