Hybrid was procured by K11 MUSEA to develop public and local interest for its culturing art offering, Van Goghs’s Ear. We utilized our wide network of KOLs to collaborate with influencers who could help drive engagement and awareness for Van Gogh’s Ear. We garnered 30 key influencers and working with them, we communicated and promoted a key message that generated strong engagement and conversions into visitors for the event.

For K11 MUSEA Beautystage, we were responsible to propose 15 highly engaged beauty influencers to share their expert knowledge during a 30 minutes live session every Saturday at the #BeautyStage from September to December, 2019. Apart from the live session, each influencer also was required to publish a permanent post on their social media. Hybrid liaised and communicated with both clients and influencers side, and provided onsite management during the live session. As a part of their on-going K11 membership programme, we organised monthly wellness programmes including yoga, fitness and meditation classes for K11 members at various locations of the property such as K11 MUSEA Bohemian Garden and K11 Atelier. Additionally, we also collaborate with some K11 tenants to co-create and customise a wellness experience that incoporates their products.