Sponsorship and Activations​
Securing a right sponsorship can establish a credible and positive brand image, increasing the visibility of your brand or event. Sponsorship with businesses of good reputation can even help in expanding the size of your target audience, driving your sales, and provide the financial assistance you need to upgrade and improve the running of your event. Therefore, identifying a potential ideal sponsor is a key part to the success of your business.

At Hybrid, we have a dedicated team of specialists to aid in developing sponsorship and activation specifically for our clients. We study to identify the ideal businesses to sponsor our clients or their events, initiate contact with them to understand more. We hold regular meetings with our clients to go through the possible choices and give our advice. To further maximize the event sponsorship value, we enter discussion with the potential sponsors to negotiate the most suitable terms and assets, in order to finalize the deal. During the event or the project, we handle all parts of the sponsorship program including the promotion activities, licensing applications and so on.

As one of the biggest events we have been managing, Spartan Race Hong Kong has secured sponsorships with the financial services corporation Everbright Ltd, and had Cliff Premiums Ltd as official souvenir sponsor in 2017. Such sponsorships or partnerships have helped develop brand awareness and benefit the event greatly, leading to an ever increasing number of participants year by year.

Relevant Portfolio

Land Rover


Certainly. Sponsorships are very important for all types of events, not only sporting events, which is why we aim to help all sorts of events, including trade shows, expos, large conferences and gala events, secure suitable sponsorships or partnerships to maximize the event impact.

We deal with negotiations with all types of sponsorships. We have developed partnerships with merchandise suppliers before for events, and created a good network of relationships with various types of businesses which are interested in sponsoring events to reach a mutual goal of creating brand exposure for both sides, including media and advertising platforms.