Sports Event Management​
Offering one of the top sports event management services, Hybrid handles it all - creative conception, logistical tasks, technical production, venue decoration and on-site management. We excel in managing a variety of sports events. Be it fitness and wellness class or race and competition, we follow through all the projects every step of the way.

At Hybrid, we customize wellness packages for our clients, preparing the arrangement of instructors and guests, helping to present the event to the right audience. If you are looking to organize race events, we can plan the course, establish the set up or obstacles, ensuring the smooth running of the event.

Our team has managed and overseen some of the largest sporting events in Hong Kong, and helped develop a strong presence for them in the public, most notably Spartan Race Hong Kong and IRIS at the Grounds. We started and handled all parts of the execution of the Spartan Race Hong Kong, the first ever and the only obstacle race in Hong Kong. IRIS at the Grounds is the first Covid responsible yoga and fitness festival in Hong Kong, providing different yoga and meditation classes. Both events have received enormous support and garnered a combined total of around 80,000 followers throughout the years. Apart from courses for IRIS, we have also consistently organized wellness programmes for K11 Group, producing continuous wellness experience to K11 members.

Utilizing our expertise with an innovative approach and mindset, we curate a unique space for public wellness and collaborative sporting experiences to take place, overcoming challenges to turn imagined ideas into reality.

Relevant Portfolio

Spartan Race Hong Kong
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While sports event management is our speciality, the skills of our team are not confined in just one particular area. We can manage entertainment shows, workshops, seminars, conferences, corporate events and more.

Because we care for the safety of all parties involved. We evaluate, assess the risks of the race format and inspect the venue, equipment for the race carefully beforehand. Our team will also have the safety measures developed and insurance arranged in place before the start of the event.

We provide staff procurement service. Depending on the type of the event you are hoping to organize, we can arrange for the booking of performers, models, greeters and promoters etc. In addition, we offer pre-event training to the new staff.